March 25, 2016

City of Mont Tremblant Quebec

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Here are some statistics, facts and other information about the City of Mont Tremblant: It is a small town covering just 235 km2 (90 m²) with a population of approximately 10,000 people. The average age in Mont Tremblant Canada is 44 years old. Nearly 90% of the population speaks French however a majority of those that work in the tourism industry speak English as a second language. Three quarters of the population has a high school diploma or above and the average income in Mont Tremblant is around $22,000.

Like most popular resort destinations, many of the new homes in Mont Tremblant Canada have been purchased as secondary homes. Most of these secondary home buyers are from Montreal, Ottawa and the Americans. Many Europeans, particularly those from England and France, have also purchased a second home in Mt Tremblant Canada.

Tremblant - 1945

Fun Facts
In February 1945, LIFE magazine declared Mont-Tremblant the “ski-fashion center of the world.”

The Laurentian Mountains which run through Mont Tremblant consist of 540 million years old rocks called Precambrian. This makes these mountains among the oldest in the world.