March 26, 2016

Lakes in Mont Tremblant

There are numerous lakes in Mont Tremblant.  Among them is Lake Tremblant which sits at the foot of Tremblant Ski Resort. This magnificent lake has a sandy beach and is a popular place for numerous activities such as waterskiing, windsurfing, canoeing, fishing, swimming and more. The temperature of the water during the summertime is surprisingly warm for a lake located in the mountains. During the cold winters Lake Tremblant freezes and is perfect for ice-skating.

Other lakes in Mont Tremblant include Lake Ouimet, Lake Mercier, Lake Desmarais and Lake Superior. Many of these lakes are great for boating however, some of lakes are protected in an attempt to preserve the environment therefore prohibit water activity.

Not only do the lakes in Mont Tremblant provide a source for numerous water sports they are also prime locations for real estate. Single-family homes and vacant parcels of land surrounding these lakes are highly sought after and can demand very high prices. In fact, Lake Tremblant is home to some of the most expensive residential properties in Quebec. The residents in and around Lake Tremblant are very wealthy and include celebrities and international jet setters such as the founder of Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Douglas and his wife, and others. The Lake Desmarais Community is another upscale neighborhood built around one of Quebec’s many lakes. It is home to some of the largest and most expensive mansions in Mt Tremblant.

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