March 26, 2016

Parking in Tremblant

Mt Tremblant Resort is the city’s center for tourism attracting thousands of visitors throughout the year. Many of these tourists get to the resort by car while others may rent a car once they arrive. With this many cars the city knows they can make a lot of money with public lots therefore there is plenty of parking in Tremblant.

Parking in Tremblant is very well organized and tightly controlled. Mt Tremblant Resort offers ample indoor and outdoor parking including public lots, VIP parking lots and hotel parking lots. See below for more information and a detailed map for parking in Tremblant.

VIP Parking

The VIP parking in Tremblant is the closes lot to the pedestrian village and the Cabriolet lift. The VIP Parking Lot has 350 outdoor spaces and is next to P1. The daily rate fro VIP Parking is CAD$15.

P1, P2 and P3 Parking Lots

P1 Parking Lot, is the main parking lot and it’s free. It is situated near the Chalet des Voyageurs at the base of the Pedestrian Village and the bottom of the Cabriolet lift. P1 has 650 parking spaces.

P2 Parking Lot is located at the base of the Porte du Soleil lift just 400 meters (430 yards) from the Pedestrian Village. Parking in Tremblant in P2 is free and there is a shuttle service that takes you from P2 to the Pedestrian Village. P2 hold about 400 cars and is totally free.

P3 Parking is situated on Chemin Duplessis less than a mile (1.6 km) from the Pedestrian Village. P3 has two sections, one for cars with 530 spaces and another section with 12 spaces for buses. This free parking lot has a shuttle service that takes you to the Pedestrian Village.

P9 and P11 Parking Lots

P9 Parking Lot is located near the Place St-Bernard at the top of the Pedestrian Village. This lot holds 40 cars and it is timed paid parking. Price is CAD$2/hour.

P11 is also timed; paid parking had holds 65 cars. It is located in the heart of the Pedestrian Village near the Westin Hotel. The price is CAD$ 2/hour.

Metered Parking

At the top of the Pedestrian Village near Place St-Bernard and the Hotel Fairmont there are 22 metered parking spaces for short term parking in Tremblant.