March 26, 2016

hotels Mont Tremblant

Tremblant is a popular destination that attracts visitors all year long. There are many hotels in Mont Tremblant offering prices to fit everyone’s budget from the most affordable to the most expensive luxury suite. If you are booking an accommodation in Mont Tremblant for the first time you can expect to pay more for a hotel that is located directly in the ski resort whereas the hotels located outside of the resort are generally less expensive. Like with most lodging prices may vary depending on the location and you can expect to pay higher rates for prime locations.

If you book a hotel in Mont Tremblant’s resort area you will not need to rent a car. Both summer and winter activities in Tremblant are easily accessible and within close proximity of the resort. A majority of people book their hotels in Mont Tremblant’s resort during the winter because of the close proximity to the ski slopes and other winter activities. During the summer however, visitors prefer accommodations that aren’t located on the mountain because summer activities are scattered but just a few minutes away by car.


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